Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rebirth of the brand "Public Sector"

I have watched the Anil Kapoor starrer " Nayak " many many times.
The concept was unique and I loved the movie.

One distinct scene in the movie I remember very well is the part where the bride's father is adamant on his daughter's groom to be a public servant ( employed in a public sector division/ government job ). During those days, I was astonished & amused by narrow mindedness by the old aged & "minded" father. But, in India we have a "postulate" - Always listen to your elders, they are never wrong"

I guess the postulate holds true today -

Today, Indian private sector is reeling under extreme pressure. They are closing shops, laying off workers and trying to somehow navigate through this economic slowdown of slowdowns. What it has done is created financial & mental instability of mind of these employees. Today, again the public sector is back to being the cream job creator in the country.

So, these days, maybe a BEL would be a better idea than Sasken, or India Post a better bet than DHL or SAIL a safer haven than TATA Steel.

What the public sector in India needs to do is utlize this opportunity to bring home the public sector brand on the minds of prospector employees. After all, Public Sector like all other companies needs to hire and retain the right talent to prosper and grow.

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