Monday, March 9, 2009

The Indian Hypocrism story

In all my interactions with Indians who have travelled abroad - particularly to countries like UK, Australia, US and the Gulf - they have one common story to tell.
They talk about the racial discrimation they face during their stay.
I have travelled to the US and have experienced that racism exists in the west.

However, when Indians talk about racism, they are being the biggest hypocrites in the universe.
What right do we have to complain about racial discrimation when we practice it more efficiently than anyone else.
When Indians can't accept their own people from other regions to migrate to their regions, how can we expect Americans to accept us ( we the people from different nationalities + religion + colour).
Indian politicians have used the race card to gain popularism and sensationalism for years and everytime I see the public falling for this piece of dirty politics, I realize the shortcoming of this countrymen and their mentalities and notions.
Whether it is Raj Thackeray & his anti-Bihari policies or ULFA & its anti-UP/Bihar practices or the ever-famous North India vs South India duel, I have witnessed all and trust me, its not a pretty sight.

I agree India with its multi-cultural diversity, these kind of problems do come up, and I am proud of India for staying an united country for 60 years now inspite of these problems. We could easily have gone the Yugoslavia, the Zimbawe or the Fiji way
What I don't like is that we don't acknowledge this problem and we are more than ready to play the blame game against other countries.
I hereby invite all to be Indians and not Tamils or Rajasthanis or Bengalis. You ll find India to have become a much better country to live in.

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Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree about Indians being “racist”…. “racism” is a politically correct terminology used to describe slavery…. “casteism” as practised during British raj and to an extent in present India, while truly disgusting is not the same as “racism”. Everytime you hear “Racism” in the western context, think of the origins - slavery: Actually paying for and owning and inheriting other human beings, going to a civil war and the supreme court ruling that they are private property (Dred Scott v. Sandford). Lynch mobs and KKK. All conveniently packaged and presented as “Racism”…… infact if anything We Indians did not pay for and own anyone, on top of that we were shipped to rubber plantations in Sri Lanka and to South Africa to do the gora sahib’s bidding.

While Indians have a fascination for fair skin…which is akin to white people loving a tanned skin… it can in no way be characterized as “racist”….. a lot of people just regurgitate western concepts and misinterpret India.