Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Linkedin - Have you joined the bandwagon

LinkedIn was officially found in 2003.

At that time, I was in college and power of internet had start hitting me.

We had reached a phase where software development converted from Anti-Internet to Pro-Internet ( software were getting customized for the internet, instead of software companies expecting the internet to get customized to their products )

The time was ripe for a business networking product to be launched in the web space.
Like all famous start-ups, LinkedIn was started by 5 partners in humble surrounding (read a one Bedroom apartment). ( sometimes, I feel my start-up hasn't done so great for the fact that we started in an office instead of a Garage/storage room :-)

In a month's time, Linkedin had 4500 registered users and by end of year, it had 82000 users listed with it. By that time Sequoia chipped in USD 4.3 Million in the venture.( the same VC firm which funded Google, Apple, Oracle, Atari, Yahoo, Paypal and many more )
Linkedin registered its first 1 million users in mid 2004. Today, Linkedin has over 33 Millions registered users and it gets a monstrous 7 Million hits everyday.

Enough about LinkedIn History.

The bottom line is, LinkedIn is doing to business networking what MySpace & FaceBook did to social networking. It has become the ultimate channel for recruiters to get right talents. (I hire all my freelancers through linkedin).
If you want to lookup a person, and cant find him on Orkut, facebook and Myspace, you are sure to find him on Linkedin.
Today, if you are not in linkedin, you are not on web !!

So what are you waiting for? if you still are reading this blog - goto and register your profile. Trust me you will not repent it !!!
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See you at Linkedin

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