Monday, March 2, 2009

Do you waste food ?

Every time, I see this picture, my body goes into a shiver. I appreciate my life more. I appreciate the abundant food I get everyday and I ensure that I don’t take this abundance for granted.

But, every time I go to a party or to a restaurant and see people throwing food , wasting food, my blood boils. I wish I could have given my piece of mind to that person. But my rationality or my lack of it , stops me from doing it.

Everyday, world over, 18000 children die of hunger. I respect Obama, he seems to be the solution to America’s woes. But what is outrageous is that his presidential ceremony cost USD 170 Million. That’s simple unbelievable, that much money could have ensured that for 2362 days, not a single child would have died because of hunger.

I am sure this figure is staggering and baffles you as well. But, REMEMBER the food you waste also has a same story to tell. We all need to realize the implications of this wastage.
What we need is a national.. actually an international level public awareness campaign to create a social consciousness against wasting food.
Just because it’s available abundantly to some, they don’t respect it and this notion has to change ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. I have the same photo in my blog, but in/with a slightly different context/message.