Monday, February 16, 2009

To India - My scheduled Land

The economic growth has both negative and positive; today it seems that India is doing very well and is prospering, but this will not continue for ever. Japan is the best example. 50 years ago Japan was like China. Only in the last 30 years Japan has gained reputation. Then in the last few years we are aware that Japan is facing several problems. The good
thing about Japan and for that matter China is that they have good political system. India can only survive the growth and benefit from that if the political system is good. But the truth is that the
foundation stone laid for the governance in India (political system) 60 years ago (1947 and 1950) was wrong. Hence, it is very difficult to change things now.

Growth cannot be there for ever. We have a growth rate of 7-9% and this may continue for another 2-3 years then it will start declining. We in India have a very immature market and hence there is ample scope for growth. We have to be careful about what happens in future. we need to expand our thoughts and take it beyond exchange rate.

Growth in economy due to export and internal growth have differing effects. If it is the growth due to exports, then Indian currency has to become strong due to the law of demand and supply, in that case export has to slow down (or else cost cutting has to start in India itself).

Every thing is entangled. Economic growth can reduce cast and social problems as people’s mind will be diverted towards the common goal. But then the problem
in India is that we do not have a uniform growth. No uniform growth means there is a big difference between the rich and the poor and hence we problems like Gujjar and Dera.

we need a social change in the country – some thing that will improve social harmony, as we are sitting on a pile of ammunition. Need to reduce differences, social, economic and religious. The change has to start from the grass root; this means the villages have to be made powerful.

One of the ways of achieving it (came to my mind after years of thought) is that only the people with a graduation ( a degree) should be allowed to vote.
There should not be any gram panchayat . Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of village level governance through panchayat Raj is a bad idea. But the problem is that
we cannot change the political system any more. If the same thing was in China, the Chinese government would have abolished it overnight.

You may be aware that the SC ST thing was introduced 50 years ago and the ST, SC and OBC were classified 50 years ago and since then these communities have been
getting special economic privileges. But even after 50 years if their condition has not improved then it will never improve in the next 1000 years. So what is the
point of having such classifications based on caste and creed when it is not working in their interest. Instead, education should be free for every single child in India (I mean good quality education). This is all the SC and ST need, and not any reservation.

I guess my next speech is going to be on Gujjar and
SC and ST issue

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