Saturday, February 28, 2009

To India - my clean land

How many times have you dumped some wastage on the road from a moving vehicle.
I am sure we all have, but we hate to agree to it.

I will go ahead and agree that I have done it pretty often. I try to be courteous enough to ensure that my junk doesnt hit another person ( or an animal ). and I am proud of my "thoughtfullness"

Recently, I was reading an article about Singapore and their commitment to cleanliness. The amusing aspect is that this article has been written by a hotel security guard in SG. He writes that Singaporeans consider littering to be a worse crime than stealing and burgalary. He mentions that in his last 3 years of service, he has not witnessed even a single littering incident by a local.
However, he has horrid tales to tell about Indians who visit his hotel.
He have seen Indians leaving behind plastic glasses, tissue papers, mineral water bottles on the parkway, on the reception lobby, at the parking lot.
He was amused to see an Indian spit Pan Masala in his swimming pool lobby.

What is more amusing is the fact that this guy is uneducated while the Indian is an multinational executive ( the article explicitly mentioned that ). After reading that article, I was disgusted with myself for my own littering actions. Since that day, I am trying to stay clean ( literally ), but I request you to do the same.

Don't you think educated people like us should learn a bitter lesson from this.
Today Singapore is considered the cleanest city in the world. Who gets the credit? Is it the government or the police. None of them, its the local citizens.
Be exemplary citizens and take an oath to do the same.

After all, I would love to see Bangalore to be as sparkling clean as Singapore. WOuldn't you ?

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