Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Contention not contended

           As species, humans are not meant to be satisfied.  Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human beast, that however high we reach we are never content. What this trait does is makes us run wildly after the worldly goods of the world seeking artificial satisfaction failing to realize that true contention comes from within. We tend to get so blind by these worldly glories & the superficiality of our daily lives that we are lost amongst it and don’t see a route out.
          I am not some nirvana acquired hermit who doesn’t belong to the above genre. I am guilty as charged too and I keep looking for contention all around me and eventually give up though very well knowing that the source of that contention is in me.
My example can be well illuminated by my thought process in the last few years.  
When I was in high school, I only dreamt of going to undergraduate college. When I got into college, I was striving to get out of college. At workplace, we all use to get nostalgic thinking about college and 'those days'. At workplace, I aspired to be part of a top MBA program. Today, I am in one. But being human, I am way away from being content. Now, I keep looking at the calendar wishing the next 12 months end soon so that this dreaded program can get over. Fast forward to 2012, I am sure that I will be missing my MBA days.
I know that whoever is reading this, would chuckle and say that “Yups, Been there., done that” but will still not learn a lesson. I am trying to enjoy my last student life experience living it to the fullest. My recommendations for all – don’t get too affected by the small worries of life and enjoy this flow. Because later in life, when Nostalgia strikes, you will not get another opportunity. 


Gayatri said...

interesting read amit
the funny thing is even after knowing this we don't try to change ourselves.


Anonymous said...

You can;t change it...No matter what happens, worries of the present would be big worries. As time fades away, they might seem insignificant but I wouldn't know if to underestimate them completely...I just don't know!

instant_blogger said...

I agree with you Ashwin

Sometimes we tend to be idealistic. I am being idealistic as well but again "can't" is a word you dont want to use in this perspective

Vinay said...

very true. i miss college too

Ankur Gandhi said...

nice read...fact of life which we store as a photo in a photo frame and keep staring at

instant_blogger said...

very aptly put Ankur
facts of life stored in a picture frame

Shuchi said...

haha good one
"Yups, Been there, done that"

Anonymous said...

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