Friday, October 30, 2009

Be Grateful to life - you dont know how lucky you are

I lost a very dear friend in a road accident lately.
A guy who was the absolute definition of the perfect human being. I tend to observe people and he was one of those people in whom I couldn't find a single flaw.
He was always smiling, always helpful, always nice , a person you just can't have a grudge against.

I hear this so often, " Man I am so unlucky", " God is Against me" , " Why doesn't anything good happen to me" !!!

What I learnt from the above mentioned unfortunate incident is that we all are so lucky to be alive, so lucky to be able to read this blog now (4.2 billion people in the world cant afford/ don't have a computer) ( 800 million can't read/ write )

As a person, its very convenient to take things you have in life for granted, and whine about the "not haves". But, do we ever realize what we have are mostly things which majority of the people in this world don't have. We were lucky to have got an opportunity to a first class education, we are so lucky to get 3 meals a day, we are lucky to have clothes to wear and we are lucky to have a family/ friend to fall back upon.
Friends, life is too short , it comes to you only once ( that's a cliche for me now, I say it so often ) - so live it to the MAX. and be content with what you have, because that's so much easier and will make you happier. After ALL, isn't that our ultimate goal in life !!!


Saurabh said...

Such a simple thought but so deep insight
r u doin a MBA or r u doing philosophy
lagta hai Art of living ka bahut deep effect ho raha hai tumpe

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But as you said, we have to be driven at all times :)

Kelvin Mao said...

very relevant but aspirations drive us to be perfect
isnt that what life is all abt ? self improvement