Monday, October 19, 2009

Be true to be yourself if not to the world !!

            I have always believed that “What’s on your mind should be on face”. I like to believe that I have always been someone who says what he feels. This is a personality trait which makes people unpopular & disliked at times, but again you want to be liked for being who you are rather than for what the other people want you to be.
            I have proudly believed in this notion and have lived happily & unhappily all my life. But, recently I made a friend who is in plain old words – a Charmer. He exactly knows what to say, when to say and whom to say. He delivers memorable one-liners like he has a factory running in his mind producing them each moment. A brilliant guy – a brilliant mind, but at times I get a feeling that he is just not being himself. Though his heart is in the right place, in his tendency to appease others, he changes his personality & perspective like a color changing chameleon.  What he doesn’t realize is that by doing something like this, he is losing his personal identity. 
I am confident that he makes great friends, people adore him, admire him. But my question boils down to one point that– do they admire him or do they admire his split personality? With these observations in my mind, I will like to share the insight -  
Be yourself – because Everyone else is already taken.  and take genuine interest in people - not because you want to be liked, because you genuinely care.


Sumit said...

I liked this quote Amit "Be yourself – because Everyone else is already taken."

Nikhil Wadhwa said...

good one! sends out an important message!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Great we all need to hear often!

Smita said...

Very true Amit,
sometimes to be popular and liked we forget who we are.

Anonymous said...

To be at peace would mean to come to terms with who you really are. People liking or disliking you is their problem. Nice thought though!