Saturday, November 6, 2010

The stigma of perseverance

Last week I was interviewing for a job. A standard interview question
is - give me 3 of your strengths.
I went on listing them out -and one of them was perseverance. At that
moment, I thought to myself - Can perseverance be a negative trait at times?
Perseverance is essentially one's ability to stay put regardless of the situation and consequences.
It basically defines your character i.e. - how strong is your resolve and how firm is your commitment?

Most say that its an unbelievable quality. It’s a stepping stone to success and be proud of it.
I say anything in extreme always has a negative consequence.
It’s good to be committed to what you believe in. It’s also good to have a
strong focus in life but one should know when to give up and let go?
Of course, if you are passionate abt something, it’s very difficult to
give up, but at times that's the best way out to be happy and content.

I always believe that one should follow the 80:20 role. One should
have a limited confidence in something. One should take the leap of
faith but with a pinch of reservation. This reservation or doubt will ensure
that if you fail at what you try to do, then your disappointment
levels are manageable and you can get over that failure quicker and move on.
We as a society don't sufficiently train ourselves to be good losers.
We assume that our survival instincts will help us get through any
emotional distraught but we couldn't be more wrong.

My thought might deviate from the general norms of society and living
but I believe that sometimes wanting something too bad is just as bad
as wanting nothing
So occasionally just let yourself loose and ready to move on easily.

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