Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Follow your passion - because it's now or never

In the current times, life has become so mechanical and robotic that most of the masses have forgotten how to relate to their emotions and passions. One tends to lives a perfectly “normal” life where he performs the regular tasks of the day and eventually goes to sleep. The next day, again he repeats those tasks – The vicious cycle goes on.
What eventually lost in this mundane routine is - to follow your passion and zeal.

It’s very easy to get trapped in this materialistic world, where everyone is running after the Rolexes & the Porsches. These worldly goods bring you happiness but again that happiness is short lived and ultimately drives you to crave more. Maybe move to the next level – move to the Corums and the Maybachs !!
A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own passions, not chasing after the dreams of others. In a culture like India, where everyone who “cares” for you and wants you to be successful; they symbolize success to be a high paying job or a successful business. What is lost here is contentment for the long term.
During this rat race for success, people are increasing forgetting to do things which they like to do. Ultimately, when a person twenty years down the line realizes the stuff he/she missed on doing, a void is created in his mind & being which is very difficult to fill.
Create interest in some kind of passion which is not work/worldly goods related. It could be traveling, philanthropy or the arts. Make sure to take a vacation every year. Make sure to derive your anti-stress pill out of it and the world would suddenly be a much better place to live in. For me - my stress buster is writing this blog. Because it gives me an avenue to vent out my frustation and anguish.

My suggestion to all is – Live your life to the fullest – drink the bottle of wine to its lees.
Because, now won’t come back. And it’s running away from you very rapidly …


Shuchi said...

Good one Amit! I think it makes a lot of sense. I must say though that along with the hopes and dreams of friends and families, sometimes even our own aspirations make us go astray. The point is to make sure we ourselves want to make the most of our lives, and it'll happen!...well or so we hope..

Nikhil Wadhwa said...

nicely put amit!

instant_blogger said...

Thanks Shuchi & Nikhil

I am trying to move away from only writing about economics & business to talk about life and living as well

Anubha said...

So true!
People end up killing their interests in pursuit of wealth and success! And by the time they realise it, it's too late!

instant_blogger said...

Thanks Anubha for reading my blog.
I have seen so many people who did exactly this and are now repenting by their actions