Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Imaginary

Ravi was ecstatic as he read on his computer screen.
Why are you all smiling. What joy?”
Well, Arindam called me an inspirational writer in his article. Can you believe that?!” Ravi replied.
He did?! What ? Why? When?! Are you kidding me? I mean, come on, why the hell would he call you that?”
Ravi, a little annoyed by the skepticism, Well, for your information, He mentioned it in his article about the Imaginative Blogger Award and bestowed upon me the honor of being one!”
Imaginative !!!! hahaha! Hehehehehe !”
What’s so funny? Why are you laughing so hard? Have you gone insane” asked a visibly aggravated Ravi.
Hahaha… so — sorry.. gosh… I just ca – I can’t help it, hehehehe ! I can’t believe that of all people, you could fall for these stupid memes! Hahahaha!”
Look, it might be stupid… but rest assured that Arindam will definitely not give me such a prestigious award just for the sake of passing it on. You are aware of that! He definitely meant what he wrote about me!” Ravi was shaking with fury.
Lolz !! Yeah, I know that. But Still, don’t forget it’s just a stupid meme. Hahahaha !!
Look! I have been working furiously to make a mark in this discreet writing world. Now, here’s an author with a reputation, gives me a giving me some recognition to affirm that I’m doing something right, and instead of celebrating, you are demotivating me ?! Thanks for nothing !”
Wo buddy !! sorry mate, hehe… I just can’t help it. Okay, I’ll stop now hehe… so what does this award ask you to do now? I’m sure there is something you have to do, that’s how these memes work.”
Yes there is… there are, actually,” Ravi replied. First I have to thank Arindam for bestowing me the honor, which I did when I visited him blog. I have to mention seven things about me, and I have to bestow the same award to 15 other bloggers.”
Hmm… you already have the list of seven things to make a fool of yourself?”
Why would I make a fool of myself? They shouldn’t necessarily be ridiculous. Maybe something out of the ordinary, but not outright stupid,. One day you are going to eat your words Mate !!” chided Ravi.
So, what could be those seven extra-ordinary things about you?”
Well, uhmm … let’s see…” Ravi analyzed about himself , hmmm… to start with, I can be a professional bathroom singer. In fact yesterday, I spent two hours trying to perfect my version of summer of 69! Secondly, I hate Star trek. I mean, come on, who can hate Star trek. They are just absolutely awesome, right!! Finally, I can type with my eyes Closed! !!!
Aren’t all these awesome things about me!! How many have such extraordinary qualities ??
 Those are not extraordinary! Those are regular stuffs! So many of us are bathroom singers, and there are millions who hate Star Trek, and I can type with my eyes closed! Come on man, get your creative juices flowing!”
Alrite, Alrite, how’s about this?” continued Ravi, I still fear the creaking sound of our staircase after all these years staying here. Reminds me of the movie Scream !!.”
Now that’s better man !! So tell me more. You got .. three more to go.”
I don’t really like my software programming job, and don’t understand why I took the god damn course!”
NORMAL! Come on shake my world with the last two”
You know Sharma Chai with his delicious samosas do me good ”
Whatever…. dull! Last chance”
At this very moment, I am actually nursing a broken heart.”
You don’t say! Really, tell me about it. Come on, come on.”
Oh, stop acting silly, as if you don’t know. Shall we proceed?” said Ravi
Okay, now you should pass the award to 15 other people. Are you up to it?”
Jeez, actually I am not at all,” quipped Ravi. I haven’t really been socializing much lately. I guess I know three so called versatile writers but I am not sure if they are ready for memes  now–VIshwa is busy completing his accounting degree. So Lame !! Ash is currently  backpacking across Africa, lost and grounded, and I m sure he doesn’t want to be back. Well, and Stacey… she hasn’t been writing lately, and I m not sure where does all the steam blow out from !!!
So, basically you don’t how to pass that award right now?”
Well, if they accept it, I will be more than glad. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t pass it, not at this time, at least. I hope I don’t disappoint Arindam,” said Ravi.
Oh don’t worry. It will take more than ignoring an award task to disappoint that dude… err I mean, Gentleman.”
Just then, Ravi’s brother, Sid walked out of his room, Bro, who were you talking to?” he asked.
Oh! No one, buddy!!  I was just… you know just… just talking to myself,” replied Ravi with a grin.

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