Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Answer my friend is blowing in the wind

Humans are inquisitive in nature and are always looking for answers to the several important questions of our lives. Some of the questions which we always ask ourselves are  - “ Why don’t they understand me” ? “ Why don’t they listen to me” ? “ Why is there a traffic Jam?“ “Why don’t they take me seriously? ” Or “ Why me? “
Every time, I think about these numerous questions which we ask to ourselves, I remember a song by Bob Dylan –“The Answer my friend is blowing in the wind!! The Answer is blowing in the wind !
For the benefit of those who haven’t heard the song, link to the YouTube video is below.
We relentlessly look for the answers outside of us.
We seek these answers from others – from our colleagues, our life partner, our family, from our friends. In other words, we blame them for our troubles and confusions.
Sometimes, we try to find peace through spiritual enquiry, through personality development courses; sometimes we try Yoga & Hypnotism. But every time when we expect these external devices to answer our questions, we fail. Because we expect these methods to answer our questions. They can never answer our questions, they can just be the platform for us to find the answers.
Why don’t we understand that the answers are always so much within our grasp but we are just looking in the wrong places. What we fail to do is self evaluate ourselves and see if the answers are available within us?
Yes, all these answers of our lives “lies” within us!!!
Now, Lies has 2 meanings here– first, the answers lies within us and second, these answers can be uncovered by discovering the “lies” of our lives.
Most of us try to be so sure of ourselves when we are in the critical point of taking a personal decision. We very clearly think that our way of things is right and is the honorary way.
What I am trying to say here is that every time you are facing a dilemma and are almost on the verge of blaming the other party, remember that maybe the problem is in you. Maybe you are being too self righteous, with your past experiences molded you to believe that other’s outlook is always wrong. Maybe, we don’t want to leave our comfort zones to get into the other person’s shoes and see things from their perspective.
If you have read this whole painstakingly boring article, I hope that your only take away from it is to self evaluate yourselves very well before making a judgment or playing the blame game.  After all, there's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

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(If you like this article, do comment on it. After all that's the blogger's only source of inspiration.) --> Hilarious. Its like asking for donations! :)

Yes, I firmly believe in what you said. I do that all the time. Instead of blaming others, fighting with them and then getting them to take the blame, you might find it easier to accept the blame and learn from the mistakes yourself, unless the other person was the only source of fault.

I know that the above mentioned tactic might seem a bit off the normal thought, but it really helps. Overdo it and you'll find that you don't deserve to live!

So whatever! :)

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instant_blogger said...

Ashwin - Its an highlight of my blogging experience to read your comments on my blogs :-)

There has to be thin fine balance between taking the blame and blaming others. I also don't say that one should always take the blame ( what I am saying is that one should evaluate the situation from the other person's perspective before making a rational judgement
But - nonetheless - keep your comments flowing man

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