Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It happens only in Hong Kong

I have this amazing tale to tell about the sincerity and honesty of HK folks.

Couple of days back, I left behind my camera in the bus. It was a fancy Nikon camera with lot of great features.
Devastated, we tried several different things to get it back. We tried going to the bus depot, tried calling the HK tourist department, being desperate also thought of checking every bus in that route.

Nonetheless, we lodged an official complaint with the Bus Service in HK with no hope so ever and a deep sense of despair. They took down the details of the camera, phone number, name and other stuff.

Next day, we got a call from the Bus department and they gave me the holy news.
Some really nice citizen ( not getting the right word for it ) had deposited the camera to the bus driver and surprisingly the bus driver also deposited the camera to the Bus office. So they called me to the bus office the next day to collect the camera.

Next day, I went to the office and was courteously given the camera in one piece.

This kind of professionalism, sincerity & honesty was a pleasant surprise for me and now I realize why the oriental is more affluent & efficient than other economies.


Ashutosh G said...

Good Stuff Amit
keep it up

Guess this kind of dicipline talks volumes abt their commitment

Mayank said...

Interesting read

I thought oriental is a challenging environment to be in