Monday, August 25, 2008

Chief Review Officer ( CRO )
I got a review from a good friend who said that my writing style is very non-bloggy.
Its a style which is not followed by general bloggers. Though, he has his heart in the right place but he has one majorly annoying habit. Getting a positive feedback from him would be easier than building Rome. What he unrealizingly ends up doing everytime is giving just one piece of constructive advice, which is " I like it " . As I metioned, if you get one !!! otherwise you will always end up getting a monotonous demoralizing " I dont like it " syllable from him.

I with couple of my frens ( he being one )are working on this new idea these days and there are major debates about each and every of decision we have to make. Some of these debates are about stuff so trivial that I am too embarassed to even mention them. So everytime we need to take a call, our C.R.O gives his expert review which is always " I dont like it ". At that phase, I feel like twisting his head like the knot of my new tie. But, I am a reasonable guy, atleast I think I am, so I have to restrain and let the frustations be.
I felt like sharing something which is so-called "Bloggy", so this was the entry.

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Zimzamzum said...

this one was good :) .. and much better than others .. but still few things can be improved. What are those things, go figure.